Following the shameful story of kids being separated from their parents at the US – Mexican border, I felt moved to offer up a small, but emotional protest directed at the President of the United States of America by reposting our recent work for this charity… Our Warm Welcome is a Merseyside based charity that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the area as part of our Government dispersal programme. They work with expert partners including the local council and Merseyside Police to protect these vulnerable people from individuals and groups who, due to their own ignorance, wish to do them harm. OWW aim to promote understanding and dispel commonly held myths which allow the families and individuals to integrate smoothly into the local community. Our identity is a graphic representation of the four notions of what the charity does; welcome, protect, promote and integrate. By the way Mr. Trump, we did this for nothing, it just seemed to be the right thing to do – no agenda, no cash, just a good, positive thing to do. That’s how some of us operate – you should try it.

Bernie Shaw-Binns