Brand Oath have worked in recent months with Oriam Scotland, the national performance centre for sport based in Edinburgh, on a successful brand repositioning journey.

Since opening in August 2016 at Heriot-Watt University’s Riccarton campus, Oriam has – as a facility and an organisation – grown and developed. As a result, it was felt the brand created to launch Oriam was no longer reflective of who the organisation is and what they are trying to achieve.

Over the past six months, Brand Oath and Oriam have gone on the repositioning journey –culminating in the release of a new sub brand concept of ‘Our Oriam’.

This concept has been brought to life through both digital and physical branding.

The concept came from the fact Oriam is not just a performance facility. It is a facility that performs – for everyone, from performance athletes, to students, to community users. Strong partnerships with all these groups are what makes Oriam special and a place of opportunity for everyone.

Therefore, the collective concept of Oriam being for everyone, being ‘Ours’ was developed. Seven key audiences were identified for the new sub brand to reflect who Oriam are as an organisation and the services they provide. These audiences are reflected within the brand as seven descriptive words.

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