Gullane Golf Club and Brand Oath have successfully worked together to help the renowned venue in East Lothian grow their brand presence on social media.

Recognised globally as a mecca for golf – notably hosting the men’s and women’s Scottish Opens in recent years – Gullane sought to increase its profile further across digital platforms.

Since the summer of 2019, Brand Oath have implemented a social media communications plan, growing brand presence through engaging digital assets, increasing social media numbers and engagement, locally, nationally and internationally.

Particularly emphasis has focused on highlighting Course No 2 and No 3 to visitors, as well as engaging members across various themes – including health and history. A post regarding the club’s Children’s Course proved hugely popular, engaging a worldwide audience and leading golf professionals.

Striking visuals, also photographed by Brand Oath, and the new brand presence have helped Gullane further highlight their product to members and visitors alike.

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