We believe in the power of ethical behaviour, improving the quality of life of our workforce as well as of the local community and society at large. We embrace a positive and helpful attitude towards everybody that our business has an impact on, be it directly or indirectly. We recognise the importance of caring for the environment and are committed to maintaining high standards contributing to its protection.

Sport has served us well, as such we decided the best way for us to give something back was to choose two different sports organisations where a lack of available funding meant that consideration of an in-depth branding programme were not a realistic option. Through our work, they are now able to visually and verbally express their personality and character and engage in compelling ways with their respective audiences and stakeholders.

Scottish Women in Sport

The SWIS vision is for a country where females of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and walks of life are participating in sport or physical activity; within a positive, equitable culture where their achievements are promoted and celebrated.

Their depth of understanding of our target market has resulted in a brand that speaks to the customer before I get a chance to. But they offered us so much more than a re-brand, it re-energised us, focussed us and delivered a product that will enable us to go forward with supreme confidence.

Maureen McGonigle, Founder Scottish Women in Sport 

Martin Perry

Martin Perry is a para table tennis player of extraordinary talent, dedication and focus. He  was born with congenital limb deformity and loss. This has resulted in Martin only having one fully formed limb and he plays with the aid of two prosthetics. Most of us would give up on any idea of a career as an athlete. Not Martin, he cast aside these enormous challenges to become an internationally recognised athlete, as of January 2017 Martin is ranked 22nd in the world for seniors and 4th in the world for under 23’s, he is the current Scottish National Champion and in December 2016 Martin won the US Para TT Open. Testament to how far a positive attitude can take you in life.

We were impressed and inspired when we met him and immediately wanted to help. To that end we have provided him with a new brand identity with the specific objective to increase his profile and encourage sponsorship.

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