4 Global Brand Refresh

A sustained period of growth and a steadily evolving offer meant that 4 Global’s existing brand identity and visual framework did not reflect or do justice to the specialist organisation they had become. Our insight driven approach helped them re-discover their vision to be the ‘number one trusted advisor in sport’ as a direct result of their empowerment of their clients through expert advice and data lead intelligence.

Our brand positioning work led to a new verbal articulation, ‘Shaping the Future of Sport.’ Following the creation of the new identity we developed brand guidelines and key visual assets for their team to implement.

Brand Oath provided invaluable insight into how we were perceived by our stkeholders. That allowed us to develop a robust strategy, in turn inspiring a new identity that is rooted in pour past but one that accuratley communicates our vision for the future.

Eloy Mazon CEO and Senior Partner, 4 Global

What we did:

  • - Brand audit
  • - Stakeholder insight
  • - Brand strategy
  • - Brand identity
  • - Brand guidelines