Astute Financial Services

Starting a new business is a daunting task. Building something that you are proud of requires resilience, passion and honest hard work. It also requires the assistance of a variety of external disciplines. Not least the ability to define, design and deliver a strong brand from the very beginning. Do it right and it will express and strengthen your personality, it will inspire your team and provide compelling reasons why your customers should engage with you over your competitors. All from day one.

It is rare that a client comes with a name that evokes such an immediate idea. The very definition of their name articulates perfectly what Astute do, ‘having or showing the ability to accurately assess situations and turn this to one’s advantage.’

When working with a ‘word mark’, it is important to interrogate every line and curve to create individual character, in this case we wanted to create something that looked approachable yet elegant and authoritative. The detail of the 45 degree angles at the top and bottom of each ascender alludes to the notion of inherent value in growth and improvement.

Getting an agency that we could trust and rely on was of paramount importance. The focus, passion and clarity they brought to the process was invaluable, but the part that impressed me the most was their collective desire to learn as much as they could about ourselves and the type of business we were aspiring to be. The whole experience ended up being fun and exciting and this is purely down to the energy and skill that the Brand Oath team provided.  We are very proud of our new brand and will share it with our clients with a great confidence.

Paul McCabe, Director, Astute Financial Planners Ltd.

What we did:

  • - Brand strategy
  • - Brand identity
  • - Brand implementation