Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
Scottish Athletics and JogScotland’s I’m here campaign

JogScotland partnered with us to create a campaign identity and associated digital assets for their inspiring I’m here campaign. It aims to see numerous JogScotland Jog Leaders taking a pledge to support mental health conversations at their jogging groups.

Jog leaders who complete SAMH’s online mental health awareness module will receive an I’m here badge to wear, which they can use as a tool to start conversations with their members and show that they are open to chatting about mental health.

Jo Stevens, JogScotland Membership Development Officer says, “At the initial launch of the campaign, I was hoping that 25 to 30 groups would sign up but with over 70 groups behind the work we have far exceeded our expectations. It’s been very emotional watching the pledge videos, and our jog leaders have been taking the lead in talking about their own mental health. I am so proud of them and what I’m here has achieved.”

Brand Oath have been a fantastic supporter of the I’m here initiative. From the very beginning, they understood the aims of our campaign and what we wanted to achieve.

Jo Stevens, JogScotland Membership Development Officer

Feedback from Jog Leaders who took part;

– 23% of groups saw re-engagement from lapsed members
– 70% had mental health conversations during pledge week
– 70% felt more confident talking about mental health since taking the pledge
– 80% want to be involved with similar activities in future.