Oriam. Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre
Our Oriam: Sub brand concept

As Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre, Oriam is home to Scottish Rugby and Scottish Football Association among other governing bodies and elite sports teams. Since opening in August 2016 Oriam has, as a facility and an organisation, grown and developed. As a result, the brand identity and associated brand framework that was created to launch Oriam back in 2016 was deemed no longer reflective of who the organisation is now and more importantly, where it sees itself in the future. To remedy this situation, six months ago Oriam embarked on a brand repositioning journey with us, resulting in the understanding that Oriam has evolved from a ‘performance facility’ into a ‘facility that performs for everyone’. This journey is now culminating in the release of the new sub brand concept of ‘Our Oriam’.

Together, we identified seven key audiences ranging from performance athletes, to students, to community users. Based on the insight and evidence gathered through the strategic phase of the project, it became clear that it was strong partnerships, across all audience groups that makes Oriam special.

These audience relationships are reflected within the brand through a series of signature descriptive words. For example, if we say Our Oriam: your fun. This would be a way in which we describe our community sports programme activity.

This audience concept is repeated seven times within the new sub brand, bringing together the seven key audiences Oriam engages with;

Our Oriam:
your success / performance teams
your life / employees
your potential / fitness community
your experience / events
your fun / community groups
your future / Heriot Watt University
your ambition / funding organisations

We believe this will allow Oriam to open a more engaging and effective dialogue and narrative with their audiences, enabling them to move forward and meet their strategic objectives with confidence.

What we did:

  • - Brand strategy
  • - Sub brand creation
  • - Campaign creation
  • - Venue dressing
  • - Digital design