Scottish Athletics Official design and branding partner

The appointment of a new CEO heralded a new era for Scottish Athletics. To mark this milestone, we were asked to facilitate a brand workshop with the objective of bringing the team together to debate, interrogate and ultimately refresh their brand positioning and proposition, re-focussing their sense of purpose. Our subsequent appointment as official design and branding partner to Scottish Athletics, has seen us brand their offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as recent commissions to design a suite of signature impact reports.

Bernie and the Brand Oath team have provided a great support service to Scottish Athletics. With what originated as an initial chat, the relationship grew to a strong partnership approach right through to the project end. A well organised and facilitated staff brainstorming session resulted in a strong multi-faceted brand strategy and two inspiring and exquisite office spaces. We were delighted to formalise our relationship as our official design and branding partner. We look forward to continuing to use their expertise to help us engage with our stakeholders and members in the future.

Mark Munro, CEO Scottish Athletics 

What we did:

  • - Brand strategy
  • - Venue branding
  • - Print design
  • - Digital presentations
  • - Campaign creation