HIIT Squash Programme

As keen supporters of gender equity in sport we were happy to support Scottish Squash as they gear up for the launch of its ground breaking new programme H//T SQUASH, in association with Scottish Women in Sport, an organisation we also branded. The aim of H//T SQUASH is to reach a brand new audience of women and girls across Scotland this year, introducing them to squash through a fun and friendly fitness-based programme. It will specifically target inactive females who have never picked up a squash racket before who want to get fit in a safe, fun and social environment.

H//T SQUASH comes off the back of our G/RLS DO SQUASH campaign which was rolled out in 2018 and shortlisted as a finalist at The Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Awards.

Springfield Scottish Squash Open

We were delighted to assist Scottish Squash by developing branding for The Scottish Open which has been reinstated into the Professional Squash Association calendar for the first time in 18 years.