Sported Brand Framework

Sported’s vision is to eradicate disadvantage and inequality impacting young people in the UK today. They are one of the leading Sport for Development charities in the UK, supporting over 3,000 amazing community clubs and groups that use the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people so they can fulfill their potential and transform their communities.

Their objective to re invigorate their existing relationships, connecting and engaging with new ones, meant we went back to basics to understand how they went about their work.

Their evidence based approach informed our brand positioning… ‘Certainty.’ Certainty that sport has a positive impact on the individual young people involved, their immediate communities and on society as a whole.

That strategy was visually represented as ‘friendly and approachable’ to small volunteer sports clubs, while being ‘reliable and credible’ to sports councils, funders and other high level stakeholders and verbally through the multi-faceted slogan, ‘Because sport works.’

To be honest, when we briefed Brand Oath on our requirements, we weren’t even sure that it would be possible to deliver the right look and feel to engage our very diverse audiences in the ways we wanted to. We needn’t have worried.

Through a rare combination of great listening skills and curiosity allied to bold experimentation and expertise, Bernie quickly grasped what was required, and then shaped and refined branding which has captured the attention and the affection of our members and stakeholders.

It was a pleasure working with them and I have no hesitation in recommending Brand Oath.

Chris Grant, CEO Sported.

What we did:

  • - Brand strategy
  • - Brand identity
  • - Brand guidelines
  • - Copywriting
  • - Photography
  • - Digital presentations