Team Scotland Brand Framework

A decade after designing the winning brand framework and bid book that helped Glasgow realise its ambition to host the 2014 Games, we were asked to reposition the Team Scotland brand to reflect a new, modern era for the Commonwealth Games movement in Scotland.

Our objective was to develop Team Scotland from a once every four-year event focused entity to an all year-round brand that would promote ongoing relationships with their key audiences.

National identity, particularly where sport is concerned is a potentially tricky subject matter – how to capture a sense of place and personality that domestic audiences can be proud of whilst providing international audiences something they expect and recognise as Scottish. A fascinating process of reinventing national identifiers (in this case the revered thistle) and avoiding clichés by balancing respect and restraint with modernity and vision.

It provides a strong foundation from which to communicate in an engaging and inspiring fashion with our audiences, helping us to continue to build positive relationships with commercial partners, fans, athletes and stakeholders alike – a ‘365 days a year’ relevant and engaging brand.

Paul Bush, Director of Events VisitScotland / EventScotland
and Chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland.

What we did:

  • - Brand identity
  • - Brand architecture
  • - Brand guidelines
  • - Apparel
  • - Brochures
  • - Website/digital
  • - Merchandising
  • - Event branding